Genten opens “Hakata Uofuku” at Rakuten!

Group company Genten has opened “Direct Fish Market Hakata Uofuku” at Rakuten Ichiba!

We will deliver carefully selected ingredients centered on fish in the sea near Kyushu in four categories: “seafood appetizer set”, “barbecue set”, “ochazuke”, and “pickled fish”.

Free shipping on purchases of over 3,980 yen including tax!

Rakuten point campaigns are also being held at amy time they do.

As the new opening commemoration, until 6/11 (Fri), the points will be 10 times!

Please try to find your favorite product at the “Direct Fish Market Hakata Uofuku” @ Rakuten Ichiba!

Please come try our new store.

Thank you.

You can jump to “Hakata Uofuku” by clicking the banner below.

NOTE: Hakata Uofuku has now closed.