In The Great Plains of Mongolia at the Invitation of The Government of Mongolia

At the invitation of Dr. Bayarsaikhan Banzragch, the Advisor to the Prime Minister of Mongolia, we travelled to Mongolia from 2~7 September, meeting with the nomadic herders, farmers, livestock farmers, and visiting local wholesale markets for meat, fresh produce etc., and having meetings with various governmental officials and personnel in assessing and exploring potential in structuring a food distribution system in the country.

On 6 September, at the Office of the President of Mongolia, we met with Dr. Davaabayar Chimiddorj, Policy Advisor to the President of Mongolia in charge of Industry and Services / Head of Food Projects and Programs. Through building of a sophisticated food processing and distribution system in the ccountry, which is aiming to raise its food self-sufficiency rate, we will proceed with discussions to building a cooperative relationship together through investment and advice.