Kawaya featured on TBS’s popular morning TV show ‘LOVE it!’


Kawaya, our group yakitori company, was featured on TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting Satellite channel)’s morning TV show “LOVE it!”

Kawaya’s ‘Torikawa’ (chicken neck-skin skewers) was introduced as recommended to two popular ladies in the TV scene, Hiroe Igeta, a Fukuoka-born fashion model who regularly appears in the Japanese fashion magazine “MORE”, and the ‘big-eater queen’, Gal-Sone.

Manager of the Kawaya Kego outlet in Fukuoka appeared on the set live, where he grilled “Torikawa” in front of the casts.

All the cast were surprised to learn that the whole unique process of grilling, marinating, then letting it lay, then repeating the whole process few times takes 6 days.

Even when the Torikawa was being grilled during the rehearsal, the MC and backstage staff had highly praised it, so when they went live on the show, the segment ended with great popularity from the cast, including Gal-Sone, the ‘big eater queen’.

Octo will continue to fully support Kawaya to increase the number of ‘Torikawa’ fans, through pop-ups at department stores etc introducing Torikawa throughout Japan.