Our Team

Yoshifumi To
After working in store development and product development at Five Fox, he changed his job to Mitsui & Co., Ltd., engaged in production control and factory development mainly in Asia, while also engaging in comprehensive MD business and overseas purchase business for major apparel companies. After that, he changed his job to Itokin and was involved in brand management comprehensively from MD planning to marketing, product planning, and promotion strategy as the general manager of the brand division. Participated in our company since 2015.

BEc, Chuo University
Tadayuki Kyotani
In 1991, when he was 29 years old, he started PMT Co., Ltd. in Fukuoka. With “Kikiki ®” as its core competence, we will work on product design, product development, and research and development while planning alliances with companies, universities, and national research institutes. After repeating improvement proposals and planning proposals in the semiconductor factory, we established “ultra-precision axis control technology” that positions the object in nano units based on the technology cultivated in precision molds and ceramic jigs and tools. Recently, it has deepened its business domain to the fields of robot systems and life sciences.

Ph.D., Yamaguchi University Graduate School of Engineering
Ron Quada
After working as an engineer on several NASA space programs, assumed the position of principal in the Tokyo office of ZS Associates, a US-based consulting firm, working on engagements focused in marketing and sales primiarily in health care, where he lead the firm to become one of the major firms globally.

BSE and MSE, Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan
MBA, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
Keigo Ogura
G Crew
After working for a major audit firm, the investment division of a corporate VC, and a consulting firm, established Ogura Accounting Office in 2002.

LLB, Waseda University
Sadao Sasaki
Senior Vice President
Branding & Marketing
Held various positions focused on brand operations, product development, constructing MD value strategy and its analysis, and marketing at FIVE FOXes Co., Ltd, MELROSE Co., Ltd., and Seiyu GK (Walmart). Managed launching Tommy Bahama, US apparel brand, in Japan, and served as a Country Manager. Joined in Octo Force in 2020

Bdes, Parsons Schoold of Design
Miho Miyajima
Senior Vice President
Cross-Border Businesses
Worked for Lehman Brothers Japan prior to joining Octo Force.

BA, Sophia University
Jun Goto
Senior Vice President
Business Development
Joined Tokyu Real Estate where he was involved in various urban development projects such as the Tokyu Plaza Ginza (opened in March 2016) then joined Octo Force.

BEc, Keio University
Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan Organizing Committee Member
Hajime Hirano
Senior Vice President
Business Operations
After holding various positions at VIA Holdings Inc., including manager of an izakaya style venue, in store development and product development, he founded Y&O planning Co., Ltd., where he managed supporting opening of new stores, import/export agent work, supervising work, management, and consulting business of f&b style establishments. Joined Octo Force in 2016.

BEc, Meiji University
Masato Kikutani
Senior Vice President
Business Operations
Joined Prime Link (now JFLA Holdings Inc.) where he held various positions including manager of an izakaya style venue and a direct operation store, and supervisor of franchisee stores, and later promoted to director of NAOC where he lead the restructuring of 5 direct operation stores and its EC business. Joined Octo Force in 2016.

LLB, Waseda University
Yoshinobu Morita
Senior Vice President
Fukuoka Branch Head
After gaining knowledge in finance at a major global insurance firm, joined Octo Force when it was approved as a business ‘supporting employment opportunities on bordering islands’, a project promoted by the Cabinet Office.

BA, Faculty of Marine Bio Sciences, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
Masao Matsunaga
Founder of Field Service Inc.
Founded Field Service in S63. Leveraging his extensive network, he grew Field Service into one of the top operators of corporate cafeterias. Joined in 2018 with the capital alliance between FS and Octo Force Group.

BA, Keio University
Masaaki Teraoka
After holding various positions at Hiroshima Bank, the Resolution and Collection Corporation (RCC), he transferred to the Ministry of Finance. Joined Octo Force in 2017.

BEc, Keio University
Exam Committee Member of Financial Official Approved Association,
Member of Japanese Association of Turnaround Professionals
Naoki Sakai
After working for Tokyo Electric Power Company and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), founded Denryoku Sharing Co., Ltd. Specializes in public institutional deals and sourcing cross-border deals.

BEc, University of Tokyo
MBA, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business)