Visiting leading meat processing factories in Japan with the Advisor to the Prime Minister of Mongolia Dr. Bayarsaikhan Banzragch

At our visit to Mongolia in August 2022, by invitation from Dr. Bayarsaikhan Banzragch, the Advisor to the Prime Minister of Mongolia, we agreed to work together in exploring the potential in building a food production, processing, and distribution structure in the country, to contribute to its government’s aim to achieving one of is main industrial policy of ‘Food Revolution’.

As a first step, a delegation of Advisor to Prime Minister Bayar Saikhan recently visited Japan and toured Japan’s global food processing factories. As the first step, Mr. Bayar Saikhan, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister, recently visited Japan and inspected Japan’s global food processing factories.

As a first step, we, and Dr. Bayarsaikhan and the group of officials and business persons together visited the processing factories of one of the leading global food companies in Japan, Torizen Foods ( The factories visited were Torizen Foods’ Itoshima Factory and its group company Torizen Poultry Meat Cooperative’s Karatsu Factory, both in Kyushu, Southern Japan. Torizen Foods is a specialist in the poultry meat business, operating and managing one-stop, from poultry farming, processing, production, to distribution and sales, of the specialty poultry brand, ‘Hanamidori’ of Kyushu.

We believe this visit will be one step towards raising the level of meat processing and distribution in Mongolia. We will continue our support and work together to bringing and deploying Japan’s top-level processing and distribution technology in the country.