News Release

Announcement on the Conclusion of a Joint-Venture Contract for JIA Aviation Finance G.K.

Octo Force Management hereby announce that it has entered into a joint-venture contract to jointly invest in JIA Aviation Finance G.K. (“JAF”), which currently is a 100% subsidiary of Japan Investment Adviser Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan. President & CEO: Naoto Shiraiwa. TSE Prime Market, Stock Code: 7172, “JIA”), with Taiyoushin Aviation Finance LLC (State of […]

Announcement of Octo Force Management’s Financial Results of Fiscal Year Ending November 2021

Octo Force Management announced its financial results of fiscal year ending November 2021 on the official gazzette. Please follow the link for details.株式会社オクトフォースマネジメント-第8期決算公/