Our Company

COMPANY Octo Force Management Co. Ltd.
HEAD OFFICE 12-9, Shinbashi 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established August, 2014
CAPITALJPY 192 Million
MANAGEMENT Representative Director Akira Tanaka
Director Yoshifumi To
Director Tadayuki Kyotani
Director Ron Quada
Auditor Kunio Tomabechi
WHAT WE DO Creating business value for operations business
-Business Development
Sales planning / store development / Asian market development
Marketing&Branding / Store management support / Reconstruction of purchasing function / Construction of food supply chain
-Finance and management strategy
Balance Sheet Restructuring / M & A / Capital Alliance / Capital Procurement
GROUP COMPANIESGenten Inc. (Fukuoka, Japan)
YS Service Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)
Field Service Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)
Kawaya International Co., Ltd. (Aichi, Japan)
Hamayaki Taro Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)
Faux Pas Asia LLC (Tokyo, Japan)
Unifish Inc. (Manila, Republic of the Philippines) etc.
Business Partners ThinQ I Holdings Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka, Japan)
Denryoku Sharing Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)
Maruesu Corporation (Osaka, Japan)
Onahama Senpaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Fukushima, Japan)
Sang-mêlé Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)
ABICO Group (Taiwan)
Iconic Locations Limited (Singapore)
Asami Properties Limited (Singapore)
American Technologies Inc. (Philippines)


Group Companies

Fisheries Processing

Genten Inc.

The best fish with the best technology.

Fresh seafood caught in abundant fishing grounds such as the Genkai Sea, the Sea of ​​Japan and the East China Sea is processed into the highest quality products under the environment of hygiene management based on international standards and freshness maintenance by 3D freezer. It is used by business partners nationwide, such as major sushi chains and mass retailers.


Field Service Co., Ltd.

Refresh space creation company.

Based in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, we are a “refresh space creation company” that handles catering business such as company meals and lunch box sales at construction sites and dormitories for general contractors and real estate developers. By making a part of the lunch box in-house, it became possible to promote the development of various menus while maintaining price competitiveness, and in cooperation with the environment-related consulting business, PtoP trading of energy-saving vegetables and We are also actively contributing to projects that reduce food loss to zero.

Fukuoka’s soul food, grilled chicken skin.

Kawaya International Co., Ltd.

Hakata’s soul food nationwide.

Along with mentaiko and Hakata ramen, “Kawakushi” has been loved locally as a soul food in Fukuoka. “Kawaya”, which inherits “Gonbei”, which became the pioneer of this, is still difficult to make reservations with enthusiastic support even after more than 10 years have passed since it opened. We are expanding our business nationwide in order to realize the desire of the owner of Kawaya Kawaya, who was born in Fukuoka and loves Fukuoka, to let the world know about Kawaya skewers like mentaiko.

French Footwear Brand

Faux Pas Asia LLC

Elegant even on rainy days.

A fashion brand launched by French designer Philippe Millieret in 2010. “I want women to wear elegance and sophistication on both rainy and sunny days.” “Even with materials that deviate from the common sense of fashion, new beauty can be found depending on the idea.” It is the true individuality that you can think of and realize from yourself. ” French-style flat shoes using “PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material” and “customizable shoes and accessories called JAM” are distributed in more than 10 countries around the world and have become a symbol of the brand.

Business Partners

ThinQ I Holdings Co., Ltd.

I want to create people, I want to convey.

With PMT Co., Ltd., a technology-oriented manufacturer headquartered in Fukuoka Prefecture, as the core, we have set “corporate power” as our core competence, and we are working on product design and development while aiming for alliances with companies and universities. We actively participate in management and practice management that enhances corporate value through the design of management goods (management personnel, business goods, intellectual goods).

In collaboration with Takumi Co., Ltd., a group company of the company, we are working on the business development of the ozone-generating air purification robot “Takumicrin”, and in fisheries distribution, low oxygen sherbet ice developed by the group company of the company. By introducing manufacturing equipment, we have achieved a high level of freshness of marine products and increased added value in logistics.


Japan’s first landing in an overwhelming location.

CÉ LA VI, popular at Marina Bay Sands Singapore, has landed for the first time in an overwhelming location at Tokyu Plaza Shibuya. An adult social gathering centered on mixology x music x cooking. Fine dining that offers innovative modern Asian cuisine, cafe & bar where you can take out Asian burgers, and club lounge that changes the look in various scenes. The three spaces work together to deliver the finest entertainment to everyone, regardless of race or generation.

Denryoku Sharing Co., Ltd.

Environmental value P2P trading.

Environmental value derived from renewable energy ・ We are building a platform that connects people who buy and sell electricity. CtoC transaction supply chain business in rural areas, etc., which has been adopted as a model project for creating renewable energy CO2 reduction value utilizing blockchain technology of the Ministry of the Environment and is consumed in-house It is being implemented.

We are jointly carrying out a project for the realization of policies for a carbon-free society undertaken by central government ministries and agencies.

Maruesu Corporation

“I love your delicious smile”

Founded in 1947, it is one of Japan’s leading snack makers. We provide a stable supply of products nationwide through transactions with major convenience stores and supermarkets.

We collaborate widely with our company in market development and product development of group companies such as Genten, Field Service, Kawaya International, etc. The chicken skin snacks developed by the company under the supervision of “Kawaya” are widely used at shops such as airports and convenience stores.