Through our functions as both business investor and consulting firm, we provide management support to your company.

By sharing common goals with our partners and clients, we work together for further growth of your businesses.

Our professionals in each corporate sections, having both functions as business investor and consulting, we provide seamless support for the growth of your business.

One Stop Solution

As a group of professionals, we provide one-stop solutions

Through providing services comprehensively from management planning to operational management, we contemplate a higher level of business growth with more precision.

Financial Capability

M&A know-how gained through our business investments

Leveraging our networks of keen investors and financial institutions, we offer arrangements with our seasoned quality partners, and will bring outward growth through M&A, based on our credibility and track record gained through our business investments.

Industry Knowledge

Food industry value chain

By investing across the food industry supply chain, we create dynamic synergistical growth.

Global Network

Asian network

Global partners who have built relationships of trust through joint ventures and practices at production bases, mainly in Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines and the United States, will accompany cross-border business growth.

Professionals in each field
will respond specifically to the specific needs
and wants of our partners.


Our team of professionals in the operations, finance, and corporate fields will provide seamless support

Company Octo Force Management Co. Ltd.
Head Office 12-9, Shibashi 1 chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established August, 2014
Founder, Group CEO, Representative DirectorAkira Tanaka
What We DoCreation and strengthening of corporate planning functions in collaboration
-Business Development
Sales planning / store development / Asian market development
Marketing&Branding / Store management support / Reconstruction of purchasing function / Construction of food supply chain
-Finance and management strategy
Balance Sheet Restructuring / M & A / Capital Alliance / Capital Procurement
The HP of the Field Service has been renewed!

The homepage of our group company, Field Service Co., Ltd. has been renewed! “Refresh space creation company” field service deals with shops at construction sites of major general contractors, cafeterias for employees and student dormitories, and catering services. We will deliver a store that meets the needs of our customers with the motto “comfortable, profitable, […]

Genten’s website has been renewed!

The homepage of Genten Co., Ltd., a group company and a fish processing company, has been renewed! Introducing Genten’s supply chain and fishery processing technology under the banner of “The best fish with the best technology”. In the future, we will update the information on private brands and EC sites from time to time.For details, […]

Website has been renewed!

This website of Octo Force Management has been renewed! Easier to read like a blog, and the information you want to convey is summarized in an easy-to-understand manner. The company logo has also been redesigned. Through our eight services provided, we have expressed the image of growing together.


Taking advantage of our strengths of having both business investment and consulting functions, we will provide specific support for your specific concerns and inquiries.