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Genten opens “Hakata Uofuku” at Rakuten!

Group company Genten has opened “Direct Fish Market Hakata Uofuku” at Rakuten Ichiba! We will deliver carefully selected ingredients centered on fish in the sea near Kyushu in four categories: “seafood appetizer set”, “barbecue set”, “ochazuke”, and “pickled fish”. Free shipping on purchases of over 3,980 yen including tax! Rakuten point campaigns are also being […]

The EC site for FAUX PAS PARIS has been renewed and just opened!

The EC site of FAUX PAS PARIS, a French shoe brand of a group company, has been renewed and opened! The new design makes shopping even more fun! New items and information will be added little by little every each month, so please look forward to it. We will also send you valuable information, so […]

The HP of the Field Service has been renewed!

The homepage of our group company, Field Service Co., Ltd. has been renewed! “Refresh space creation company” field service deals with shops at construction sites of major general contractors, cafeterias for employees and student dormitories, and catering services. We will deliver a store that meets the needs of our customers with the motto “comfortable, profitable, […]

Genten’s website has been renewed!

The homepage of Genten Co., Ltd., a group company and a fish processing company, has been renewed! Introducing Genten’s supply chain and fishery processing technology under the banner of “The best fish with the best technology”. In the future, we will update the information on private brands and EC sites from time to time.For details, […]

Website has been renewed!

This website of Octo Force Management has been renewed! Easier to read like a blog, and the information you want to convey is summarized in an easy-to-understand manner. The company logo has also been redesigned. Through our eight services provided, we have expressed the image of growing together.