Grand Opening of Sushi Kadowaki

A new operation business of Octo group, ‘Sushi Kadowaki’, opened on Monday December 13th.

Sushi Kadowaki will breathe fresh air into Ginza, one of the best locations in Japan for Sushi restaurants.

Not just the nobleness and quality of the ingredients of the sushi and dishes, but we hope our guests enjoy their dining experience in the atmosphere created by the luxurious interior to every plate that is carefully selected.

Octo group will fully support Sushi Kadowaki to procure the best ingredients also utilizing our upstream know-how.

Sushi Kadowaki’s commitments


All, for our guests to enjoy the finest sushi.

We show the process – how each step is tailored into creating sushi.

We also give our guests details of each ‘neta’ (the fish/seafood used in the sushi), so guests can enjoy the ‘sound’, ‘scent’, ‘temperature’, ‘umami’, and the story behind each ‘neta’ flow from the first dish all the way to the last, unfold like a well-structured story.
To deliver an exquisite experience savoring with all five senses.

We look forward to welcoming you at Sushi Kadowaki.


Please check the official website for menus and reservations.
Sush Kadowaki ​​Official Homepage