Launch of Japan base for global entertainment business.

Great success CÉ LA VI Tokyo.

On December 5, 2019, CÉ LA VI Tokyo opened for the first time in Japan on the 17th and 18th floors of Tokyu Plaza Shibuya, a symbol of Shibuya redevelopment.

“CÉ LA VI” operates a restaurant, bar and entertainment zone on the top floor (57th floor) of “Marina Bay Sands”, a comprehensive resort equipped with a casino in Singapore. In addition, we have popular stores in Dubai, Taipei and Shanghai.

CÉ LA VI Tokyo, the first store to open in Japan, was hit by the corona wreck immediately after its opening, but by giving maximum consideration to creating an environment that does not crowd, it has achieved results that exceed the initial business plan. It has become a booming place worthy of being a landmark.

As a financial advisor, we will be in charge of coordinating this project, and at the same time, we will maintain a close relationship with the business entity and its group in Singapore even after the completion of construction.