An introduction to business results


Initiatives with one of the world’s leading luxury brands.

In addition to supporting the business development of “CÉ LA VI” located on the top floor observation deck of Marina Bay Sands, one of Singapore’s most popular entertainment, the group’s private equity (PE) investment in Japan It functions as a window.


Supporting social efforts toward a carbon-free society.

We are entrusted with policy evaluation consulting for projects that aim to improve the environment with a public mission, such as measures in the corona sickness and challenges toward a carbon-free society.


Comprehensive production under consignment from restaurants.

We receive requests from restaurants for management consignment and exit search, and produce one-stop services such as business plan and structure formulation, food distribution, product development, store development, operations management, M & A and capital tie-up negotiations.


From local stores to nationwide expansion.

Inheriting the thoughts of Mr. Mitsuyuki Kyotani, who passed away at the age of 51, in order to expand Fukuoka’s soul food to the global market, we have achieved the commercialization of “Kawaya” by building a supply chain that connects upstream to downstream.


Revitalization of local industries through platform construction.

Building a supply chain for marine ingredients to meet the needs of “direct production, high variety, small lots, and high added value.” By managing restaurant and retail businesses, we are directly connecting upstream and downstream.


Establish a competitive advantage with a unique business model.

Growth by taking over the business of managing company meals at construction sites and dormitories and selling bento boxes, building a supply chain with the bento box manufacturing business, and planning new business development such as bento box sales at airports and terminal stations.