Launch of Japan base for global entertainment business.

We support the business development and capital policy of CÉ LA VI, located on the top floor observation deck of Marina Bay Sands, one of Singapore’s most popular entertainment venues.


From local stores to nationwide expansion.

Inheriting the thoughts of Mr. Mitsuyuki Kyotani, who passed away at the age of 51, in order to expand Fukuoka’s soul food to the global market, we have achieved the commercialization of “Kawaya” by building a supply chain that connects upstream to downstream.


Revitalization of local industries through platform construction

We are building a supply chain business for seafood ingredients to meet the needs of consumers seeking “direct from the farm, a wide variety of products, small lots, and high added value.” By operating the restaurant business and retail business through group


Comprehensive restaurant production and business alliance with food platform

We are a one-stop producer in response to requests from restaurants to outsource opera- tions and find exits. The demand for food, which has changed due to the recent corona crisis, which has brought about major changes in eating habits, is shifting. From store business to delivery and takeout. We are participating in the platform business and working together to create a convenient and attractive system.


Supporting initiatives for a decarbonized society and SDGs

We are entrusted with policy evaluation consulting for projects that aim to improve the environment with a public mission, such as measures against the corona crisis and chal- lenges toward a decarbonized society.
Through digital platform development, we are challenging to deliver SDGs with low recog- nition rate to each end user.