Comprehensive restaurant production and business alliance with food platform

Create a long-established store in Reiwa era.


We produce restaurants using seafood as a package from business plan proposals to branding, marketing, store development, menu development, and actual store management.

We produce restaurants using seafood as a package, from business plan proposals to branding, marketing, store development, menu development, and actual store management.
“Sushi Monwaki”, located on Ginza’s 7-chome, offers a blissful time that you can enjoy with all five senses by showing all the processes in front of you so that you can enjoy the best sushi. increase.

Based on the Edomae technique that sticks to “Nekase”, we purchase ingredients that are kept extremely fresh from fresh fish shops in Toyosu, as well as from all over Kyushu, Tsushima, the Goto Islands, and Hokkaido, and make sushi. increase.

Leveraging the strengths of our supply chain.

In commercialization, we make the most of the supply chain of fresh fish processing technology and procure ingredients that boast high freshness, and incorporate them into our menu.
The group company “Genten Co., Ltd.” has received high praise for production control, environmental consideration, and product development from major chains and mass retailers. We will lead the prompt and high quality supply of products through collaboration with producers in Kyushu and Tohoku where also are the main sales destinations and partners in this project.

Cross-border M & A and capital tie-ups in the food and beverage industry.

For owners who are planning external growth through M & A and capital tie-ups with local partners in Asian countries where many Japanese food and beverage chains are expanding as growth markets, and owners who are looking for an exit for businesses that have established a certain level of locality. We provide one-stop financial know-how centered on investment banking business and operational know-how centered on creating business structures.


Starting with the launch of a joint venture with a Singaporean company in Japan and entering the Taiwan market through a joint venture with a Taiwanese company, we have recently been involved in entering the Manila market through a joint venture with our partner in the Philippines.

Responding to changes in demand caused by the corona crisis

COVID-19 has drastically changed our eating habits. Delivery and takeaway services dominate the dine-in business. It can be said that this phenomenon is led by the change in eating habits and demands as the total number of people or “stomachs” in Japan has not changed.
In order to correspond to the change in social demand, we are collaborating with TGAL INC., which provides a platform for delivery business, in various fields under a comprehensive business tie-up.

TGAL INC. concludes license contracts with various restaurants and izakaya (Japanese-style pubs). It provides meals cooked in ghost restaurants and kitchens to improve the operational capability and delivers the meals through delivery platforms such as Uber Eats. TGAL INC. is unique and special in that it provides the whole framework stated above by itself. In order to make the platform more convenient and attractive, we cooperate with members from the operating company and diligently support them in practical aspects such as menu developments and global market developments.